Breathable Packaging

LaserSharp® Perforating for Breathable Packaging

LaserSharp FlexPak Services offers precision laser perforating services for breathable packaging. Laser perforating produces clean, strong, and precise holes with a controlled depth and location, enabling a vapor and gas exchange process. Unlike mechanical perforating methods, which can puncture or rip flexible packaging films, laser perforating produces cauterized micro-perforated patterns with precise round holes.

Additionally, by using a noncontact laser process, perforated holes are manufactured clean and free of processing fragments. Producing breathable packaging features with laser perforating has been proven effective in preserving food products. Breathable applications have also been constructed for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), microwavable steam release features, venting, and rapid-fill packaging.

Laser micro-perforating extends the shelf life of perishable foods by improving the atmosphere and controlling the amount of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and moisture inside the package. This process will also aid in the reduction of condensation and bacteria growth while keeping the product fresh with improved flavor. LaserSharp® technology provides the ability to perforate consistent and specific depths on a flexible film, while maintaining the barrier between the product and the outside environment. This feature makes laser perforating ideal for preserving food and all other potential package contents.

To ensure value on breathable applications, laser perforating can be precisely registered to print on the product’s package. Registration sensors and vision cameras installed in the LaserSharp® system automatically control processing, and provide print cues to ensure pattern accuracy and consistency. The layout of the perforated pattern can be easily and quickly adjusted on the machine’s web to deliver a perforation pattern specific to your product.

Partial perforations through the film structure can also be done on flexible packaging films to maintain a hermetic seal within the breathable feature. In this case, the laser beam only partially penetrates specific layers of the film and does not create a complete hole through the material. This process allows gas and air to slowly exchange within the remaining layers of the package while protecting the contents from outside contaminants. As opposed to inconsistent perforated holes drilled with mechanical processing, the LaserSharp® process delivers uniform micro-perforations by precisely regulating oxygen, vapor, and gas transmission rates. LaserSharp® technology enhances the quality of the package and its content with precise processing.

Laser micro-perforating can also produce controlled venting in rapid-fill packaging to increase product stability during palletizing, storage, and transportation. LaserSharp FlexPak Services works to develop breathable packaging solutions that suit any unique application. Additionally, with advanced LaserSharp® systems, it is simple to combine laser perforating for breathable features with other laser processes, such as laser scoring to create easy open features. Adding more laser processed applications to your flexible packaging material will increase the overall value and convenience of your package.

LaserSharp FlexPak Services incorporates laser processed features in package designs to maintain specific oxygen transmission rates. OTR testing is performed in-house to ensure accuracy and a balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. Microscopic analysis is also done to guarantee success with the laser perforating process. These tests, and more, are done on the breathable packaging process and all other laser processing options offered at LaserSharp FlexPak Services. Click here to learn more about our top quality laser converting services.

Perforating for Breathable Packaging



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