Easy Open Packaging

LaserSharp® Scoring for Easy Open Packaging

LaserSharp FlexPak Services delivers a laser scoring process that ensures a controlled score depth for high quality easy open packaging. Laser scoring allows for easy tear propagation of flexible films without affecting the barrier properties of your package. While mechanical scoring methods often cause uneven tear lines that rip or degrade flexible films, laser scored lines yield a clean, consistent tear every time for easy open packaging materials.

Use precision laser scoring services from LaserSharp FlexPak Services to ensure easy open features function effortlessly, increasing consumer satisfaction with your product. Applications for laser scoring include easy open tear strips for re-sealable pouches, pour spouts, zipper bags, microwavable packages, and peel re-closeable packages.

LaserSharp® processing technology provides the ability to precisely and consistently score easy open packaging films at controlled depths. The key to this process involves the advanced controls software of our laser systems, which constantly monitors and adjusts the laser’s power to ensure a consistent score depth. Score lines are created by vaporing specified areas of a flexible film, creating a narrow channel in the material for a tear to follow. A laser weakens specific layers of a material to produce score lines for easy open packaging, without compromising the barrier properties of flexible film.

Additionally, because of our precise registration to print, the laser scoring process does not affect the aesthetic appearance of a package. Laser scored features can be applied in both machine (down web) and transverse (cross web) directions for easy open packaging products. Specially shaped features can be designed and laser scored into your package resulting in improved customer satisfaction and product safety.

Both straight and contoured scored lines enable easy tear strips and radial corner tears to accommodate recloseable packaging products. This innate laser process and quality controlled method increases the product’s shelf life and overall freshness.

Easy open packaging is beneficial to the flexible packaging industry because of its convenient and clean-tear capabilities that facilitate the way the consumer can access the product. Combine laser scoring with laser perforating to achieve breathable packaging or use laser etching to add security features or brand identification to your package.


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