Laser Equipment for Flexible Packaging

High-Speed LaserSharp® Scoring & Perforating Systems

FlexPak Services offers the widest range of laser equipment solutions for flexible packaging. FlexPak provides high-quality LaserSharp® laser systems to create easy-open, resealable, breathable, and microwavable features in flexible films for value-added packaging.

Independently controlled multiple laser modules and comprehensive, proprietary process controls create precise cross web patterns, consistent, accurate score depths, and exact, spherical drill holes across all speeds, from full stop up to 600 m/min (2000 FPM). Best of all, our market-leading integrations link the laser solution with equipment you already own and grow with your business for flexibility and scalability you control.

FlexPak Services carries a full line of LaserSharp® packaging equipment to add high-speed, precision laser scoring, etching, and perforating capabilities to your production line. As an expert in laser processing, FlexPak Services can streamline the equipment selection process by helping you determine which system is ideal for your unique packaging applications. Contact us to learn more.

Benefits of LaserSharp® Laser Equipment:


  • Non-contact, fast, clean, high-quality processing
  • Eliminate consumables and tool wear
  • Low maintenance systems
  • Cost-effective for flexible packaging converting
  • Eliminate tool inventory at your warehouse
  • Precise digital control for processing thin materials at high speeds
  • Standard modules easily integrate into new or existing roll handling systems
  • Multiple laser modules can be added to maximize productivity
  • Flexible digital technology minimizes downtime
  • Process patterns, straight lines, or contoured lines in both cross web and machine directions
  • Offline Preflight™ software available for preproduction job set up

Achieve the following features using LaserSharp® equipment:

  • Speed for micro drilling is dependent on the laser module’s tuning. The LPM and LPMflex process micro drill holes at relatively slower speeds, the LPMdm at fast production speeds, and the LPMxd at thehighest production speeds.
  • The LPM’s maximum field of view is 600mm x 600mm (23.6 in. x 23.6 in.), producing crossweb lines and features across full web widths.
  • The LPMflex can process micro drill holes at the 140mm (5.5 in.) field of view and macro drill holes at the 500mm (20 in.) field of view.
  • Maximum width of crossweb features that can be processed by the LPMdm is 70mm (2.75 in.).


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