Laser Processed Quality

Our Commitment to Quality

At LaserSharp FlexPak Services, quality is the most important component of our laser converting process. Delivering your laser processed film in a professional, cost-efficient, and timely manner is just one way we express our dedication to quality and to our customers. We are committed to developing the appropriate laser processed solutions for you, and we take pride in knowing we can assist you in creating superior flexible packaging applications.

To exemplify our commitment to quality, our food grade facility is ISO 9001: 2008 certified. This recognition from the International Organization for Standardization focuses on proper execution of laser converting procedures put forth at LaserSharp FlexPak Services. As of July 2012, we are also AIB certified, recognized with a superior ranking. This certificate from AIB International authorizes us to process packaging products that will come in contact with food.

Continuing with our facility recognition, we also maintain the appropriate levels to quality us for Good Manufacturing Practices and proper housekeeping techniques. With this training, we uphold a clean and organized state of the art 12,000 square foot food grade facility to process your flexible packaging film.

Beyond certificates, we also have five roll-fed LaserSharp® production systems in-house and more than 300 pallets available for storage. Vast storage space, advanced laser equipment, and four production shifts allow us to ensure an accurate and timely delivery of your laser processed flexible packaging film. Maintaining a clean and organized facility demonstrates how we strive to ensure the accuracy and safety of your product throughout our laser converting process.

The production systems at LaserSharp FlexPak Services are exclusively powered by the industry leading LaserSharp® technology. Manufactured by LasX Industries, these digital converting systems enable LaserSharp FlexPak Services to laser score or micro-perforate your flexible film with top quality results and complete precision. Unlike mechanical processing methods, which often lead to poor and inconsistent results, LaserSharp® technology provides accurate and meticulous laser processing every time.

Furthermore, we employ a well-trained and competent staff to manage our toll laser converting services. Our engineers and laser operators all have extensive knowledge of this particular laser converting technology. LaserSharp® equipment and our staff’s extensive skills enable us to develop accurate breathable and easy open packaging solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Performing quality checks in-house at LaserSharp FlexPak Services is another way to provide top quality assurance to our customers. From microscopic analysis to measuring oxygen transmission rates and conducting tensile strength tests, we take extra measures to ensure your material has been laser processed with the highest level of accuracy. Other quality assurance tests include air flow checks and permeation tests.

LaserSharp FlexPak Services takes pride in the services we offer, the staff we employ, and most importantly the quality of the laser processed materials we provide to our customers. Click here to learn more about us and how we are the one stop shop for top quality laser processed film.


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