Laser Processing Services

Create easy open and breathable features using the precision of laser processing.

Laser Scoring


Improve the user satisfaction, product safety, and brand identification of your packaging by adding precision laser scored features from LaserSharp FlexPak Services. By vaporizing selected layers of flexible films, lasers create easy open score lines that tear cleanly while maintaining the barrier properties of the package. Registration sensors and vision cameras installed directly within our LaserSharp® systems automatically control processing to ensure pattern accuracy and precise registration to print. Add value and convenience to re-sealable, retort, pourable packaging items, and more with laser scored features.

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Laser Perforating


Unlike mechanical perforation methods, which often puncture packaging materials and compromise its integrity, laser perforating processes vaporize flexible films, creating clean, strong, and uniform holes. The ability to control the output power of the laser also makes it possible to achieve partial perforations, which facilitate the exchange of gasses and vapors while maintaining a hermetic seal. These benefits from LaserSharp FlexPak Services make laser perforating a superior choice for perishable foods as well as microwavable and rapid-fill packaging.

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Why Lasers?


Laser processing is a cost-effective, clean, and accurate packaging production solution. LaserSharp FlexPak Services uses cutting edge LaserSharp® technology. Manufactured by LasX Industries, these high quality CO₂ laser systems offer flexibility and precision that conventional methods cannot match. This technology enables controlled depth laser scoring and micro-perforating capabilities and is an ideal noncontact processing solution for flexible packaging applications.

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