Laser Scoring For Flexible Packaging

LaserSharp® Laser Scoring

LaserSharp FlexPak Services provides precise laser scoring techniques for a variety of flexible packaging materials. The LaserSharp® scoring process delivers a controlled score depth for easy open packaging while maintaining a film’s barrier property. Laser scoring improves the aesthetic appearance of your bag or pouch because film propagates down a well-defined line in registration with the print on the package. Unique laser scored features and designs can be added to your package, resulting in improved user satisfaction, product safety, and brand identification. The laser scoring process has been proven effective for re-sealable, retort, and pourable packaging.

The LaserSharp® Laser Scoring Process

LaserSharp® technology delivers selective scoring patterns through a non-tool, fast, clean, and precise processing method. This advanced noncontact technology enables easy open packaging features while maintaining the overall integrity of the package. As a result, precise and high quality score depths are attained to create reliable easy open packaging features that will consistently tear along the designated score lines. Depending on your specific product, film structure, and barrier, a tensile target or necessary strength to open a bag or pouch is normally taken into account and used as a reference when developing a laser scoring process. To ensure we meet your desired target range, LaserSharp FlexPak Services also offers tensile strength testing to certify the laser scoring process.

During the thermal process of laser scoring, vaporization and melting of the top layers of flexible film occurs as a result of the energy created by the laser beam. A taper, or V-shaped channel, is created in the film where the material has been vaporized, thus generating the basis of a desired score line. On either side of the taper, where heat is absorbed, rollback is produced. This is identified by a slightly raised kerf, or material buildup, as the melted film transforms from a liquid to a solid state after cooling. The kerf guarantees that the score line will propagate consistently along the weakened score line.

Laser score lines can be precisely registered to print on the product’s package. Registration sensors and vision cameras installed directly within our LaserSharp® systems automatically control processing in response to print cues to ensure pattern accuracy. Cross web (transverse) laser scoring and down web (machine direction) laser scoring are available in both straight and contoured patterns. In addition, LaserSharp® technology allows for multiple laser processes to be done in a single production run. The benefits of laser processing include the speed, flexibility, accuracy, and consistency due to our LaserSharp® systems, which ultimately deliver superior quality applications.

Material Selection and Applications

Materials best suited for laser processing are those with a narrow liquid to vapor temperature range. These include PVDC Barrier and Polyolefin shrink films, Polyester, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Nylon, and metalized films. Multilayer laminates are also ideal for laser scoring because while one layer absorbs the laser beam for a precise score line, the other layers remain untouched. Different materials absorb energy at varying rates and therefore vaporize at different temperatures. Our adaptable laser processing systems adjust laser settings to meet the varying requirements of each flexible material.

Easy Open Tear Strip Applications:

These accommodating laser scored features add convenience to any flexible package, inevitably increasing the product’s overall value. Precision laser scoring offers many possibilities to improve the overall use and convenience of your product.

LaserSharp FlexPak Services is dedicated to working with our customers to develop and perfect a unique laser scoring process to suit each specific packaging requirement. By adding laser scored features to your flexible package, you will not only improve the quality and revenue of your package, but you will make your product stand out among competitors. Click here to learn more about the benefits of laser scoring and other flexible packaging applications, or simply contact LaserSharp FlexPak Services today.

Laser Scoring Images

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