Microwave Packaging

LaserSharp® Laser Processing for Microwave Packaging

Add microwavable and self-venting features to your flexible packaging material and create a simple and economical way to increase the value of your package and the product. Microwave packaging features enhance the product’s ease of use and makes food preparation convenient for consumers. With microwavable applications, consumers can avoid extensive food preparation and cook the contents directly in the bag.

Precise laser applications offered at LaserSharp FlexPak Services make this unique feature possible. Laser micro-perforated and laser scored features become, under certain pressure and temperature conditions, a steam release mechanism in flexible packaging films. LaserSharp FlexPak Services will help you develop a self-venting package that suits your needs, and allows consumers to microwave the package’s contents right in the bag, thus creating an effortless method for cooking frozen and refrigerated foods.

LaserSharp FlexPak Services uses innovative and cost-efficient laser processing techniques to achieve unmatched results when compared to conventional methods. Specially designed laser micro-perforated or scored shapes and patterns replace the need to mechanically pierce or score flexible packaging.

At LaserSharp FlexPak Services, we offer several solutions for microwavable and steam release applications for the flexible packaging industry. With LaserSharp® technology, we can easily combine multiple laser processes in a single production run to also incorporate easy open and etched features into your microwavable package. We can laser perforate the necessary venting pattern, laser score an easy open tab, and laser etch your product identification in one production run.

As a production method, laser technology outperforms mechanical processing by creating precise, round holes and controlled depth score lines that effectively release steam based on each unique package design. The precise and noncontact laser processes done at LaserSharp FlexPak Services create top quality flexible packaging applications. For example, microwavable venting features crafted with laser technology maintain the integrity of hermetic packaging, ensuring food protection, preservation, and safety.

LaserSharp® technology allows for the production of superior features, like microwavable applications, with registered or intermittent laser scoring and perforating. Additionally, laser scored and laser perforated features can be used to vent a package to yield more efficient palletizing and transportation.

Add value to any flexible package by incorporating microwavable features within your packaging material. Create convenient options for your customers by allowing them to steam and prepare the product without first having to remove it from the package. Precise and controlled laser processing are high quality production solutions for creating microwavable venting features with added value. Let LaserSharp FlexPak Services help you design a self-venting package with additional features to help you create the appropriate microwavable package. Click here to read more about the breathable packaging features we have available for microwave packaging applications.


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