Flexible Packaging Services

Benefit from a wide range of services to meet your flexible packaging converting needs.

From testing and prototype runs to full-scale production, let the converting experts at LaserSharp FlexPak Services work with you to address the requirements of your flexible packaging product and develop a production solution that delivers quality to your customers. Add value to flexible packaging with a variety of services that increase the safety, convenience, and shelf life of your product.

Flexible Packaging Services Provided:

  • Contract laser manufacturing
  • Confidential package development
  • Prototype production runs
  • Microscopic Analysis
  • Tensile Strength Testing
  • Oxygen Transmission Rate Testing
  • Pouch production

Laser Processes Provided:

  • Laser Scoring for:
    • Easy open features
    • Microwave steam release features
    • Anti counterfeit and security features
    • Product identification
  • Laser Perforating for:
    • Breathable packaging
    • Venting for rapid fill packaging
    • Steam release features for microwavable applications
    • Modified atmosphere packaging





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