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Create Peel and Reclose Packages with PrimePeel™ Technology

Peel and reclose packages are a new and growing feature in the flexible packaging industry. Keeping up with that trend, the latest development from LaserSharp FlexPak Services is our new, patent pending PrimePeel™ technology. This innovative process enables packages to be easily opened to access the product and easily reclosed for storage, all while preserving and maintaining the integrity of the product.

The PrimePeel™ process makes peel and reclose packages popular in the food, medical, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries. Adding this convenient and easy to open feature to your package will ultimately help you create more useful and beneficial reclosable solutions to customers. Product accessibility and package values will also increase as a result of this innovative easy to peel and reclose technology. For convenience, an easy open pull tab is also added to the package.

Patent pending PrimePeel™ technology can be used to preserve perishable food items such as produce, cheese, and cookies. By adding PrimePeel™ technology to your food package, you eliminate the need for a clip or plastic bag to close the package and preserve, protect, and contain the freshness of the enclosed item. Additionally, PrimePeel™ technology can be used to package personal, medical, and pharmaceutical supplies, such as cleansing wipes.

The peel and reclose process is appropriate for these industries because the finished design also acts as a tamper-evident feature for the package. This process is designed to include a small section that will break apart from the pattern when the package is opened. Therefore, if the package is opened before it is intended to be, it will then be difficult to perfectly align the material to appear undisturbed. Tamper-evident and security features are highly appropriate when packaging food, medical, and pharmaceutical items.

To create the easy open feature for the peel and reclose process, a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) label is applied to the flexible film, along with the use of our LaserSharp® laser technology. The entire production of the peel and reclose process can be done in-house with our inline LaserSharp® LSA09 System. This roll to roll system applies labels onto a substrate moving at a minimum of 300 feet per minute, and creates convenient opening and reclosable features. The LaserSharp® LSA09 System is capable of processing discrete PSA labels as large as nine inches wide onto 40 inch wide web packaging films.

PrimePeel™ technology (Prime Peel) is suitable for a wide variety of film structures and packaging types. Common packaging structures include trays, stand up pouches, and pillow pouches. LaserSharp FlexPak Services can and will help you to develop the appropriate film and PSA label structure to meet your packaging needs. Available film structures include single polymer, multi-polymer, paper, and multi-laminate structures. The peel and reclose process is not limited to any specific PSA label, adhesive, carrier liner, or linerless label. In April 2013, the LaserSharp® LSA09 System was installed at LaserSharp FlexPak Services. This top of the line system will both apply PSA labels and laser process the flexible packaging film. The system has the capabilities to produce the PrimePeel™ peel and reclose technology with extreme accuracy and precision. With this new system in-house, we are well-equipped to produce reliable, practical, and convenient reclosable packages.

PrimePeel™ technology allows the production of unique patterns and designs to meet any specific food, medical, and pharmaceutical packaging needs. Our advanced laser technology is a noncontact process, guaranteeing finished material free of processing fragments and excess of residues. In previous years, flexible packaging companies have mechanically die cut or scored packages to create easy open features. LaserSharp FlexPak Services provides precision and accuracy to allow us to outperform and outsell traditional mechanical methods.

This new technology offered at LaserSharp FlexPak Services is an efficient and accurate method for processing flexible packaging material. Using lasers to produce peel and reclose packages ultimately produces packages with clean and accurate patterns, and furthermore ensuring the completion of a reliable, useful, and beneficial package.

LaserSharp FlexPak Services specializes in laser processing to develop easy open and breathable packages for the food, beverage, medical, pharmaceutical, industrial industries, and more. Take advantage of patent pending PrimePeel™ technology and include the peel and reclose process to make your flexible package stand out against other packages.


Prime Peel

The Prime Peel peel-and-reclose process allows packages to be easily opened and reclosed while maintaining the integrity of the contents. Multiple industries such as food, medical and pharmaceutical can benefit from our Prime Peel process which makes peel and reclose packages popular in these industries.

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