Laser Perforating Equipment

Add Value and Extended Shelf Life to Your Products

Traditional mechanical perforating machines puncture flexible packaging films, weakening the material and causing tears that reflect poorly on the product or degrade the package’s barrier capabilities. In contrast, LaserSharp® laser perforating equipment produces holes that are cleaner, smaller, rounder, consistent in size, and more precise to meet your OTR (oxygen transmission rate), MAP (modified atmospheric packaging), and microwave steam release requirements more accurately than traditional or mechanical methods.

LaserSharp® laser perforating systems operate by using a focused laser pulse to vaporize a very small, controlled point in flexible packaging films, sealing the hole’s edges and strengthening the material around it. Using LaserSharp® equipment achieve hole sizes as small as 50 µm at high production speeds. This precision and consistent hole diameter is especially critical for breathable, modified atmosphere, or microwavable packaging applications.

Sensors and vision cameras can also be integrated into LaserSharp® laser equipment to automatically detect printed features and registration marks to trigger processing or to monitor consistency of hole size for unparalleled accuracy. Run intermittent patterns by print registration or distance. And because LaserSharp® systems are fully digital solutions, there’s minimum downtime for maintenance or pattern change over. Change processing as easily as opening and editing a file, and eliminate the costs of broken or dulled needles. The patented controller ensures a precise perforating depth and size every time. Contact us to learn more about equipment solutions.

Advantages of LaserSharp® Laser Perforating Equipment:


  • Uniform, clean, and consistent holes sizes, depths, and patterns
  • Adjustable process areas with automatic focus assembly
  • Partial perforations are achievable for hermetic applications
  • Run intermittent patterns by print registration or distance
  • Multiple laser configurations, independently controlled lasers
  • Contact-free process results in smaller, more precise perforations that are free from fragments, tears, or other processing artifacts
  • Eye mark and encoder registration capabilities
  • Retrofit or integrate to any roll handling equipment
  • TracSoft® Web Edge tracking control packages available for dynamic adjustment of laser pattern in response to the lateral movement of the web or print line
  • Digital technology eliminates downtime for pattern changeover

Available LaserSharp® Modules for Laser Perforating:


  • LPM Series: The Laser Processing Module combines machine direction processing with cross web patterns to increase your processing options. Available LPM modules include:
    • LPM: The base laser processing module uses a steered beam over a large field of view to create large cross web patterns and unlimited down web perforating.
    • LPMdm: The dual mode LPM’s tuned motors offer cross web processing at smaller fields of view supplemented with superior drilling and perforating capabilities at higher speeds for greater throughput.
    • LPMflex: The flexible FOV LPM allows you to process at two or more fields of view to increase manufacturing flexibility. Integrated automatic focus ensures the laser beam is precisely focused on the material’s surface. Processing areas from 140 × 140mm (5.5 x 5.5 in.) to 500 × 500mm (20 x 20 in.) are available. The LPMflex is ideal for R&D process development.

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