Laser Scoring Equipment

Add Easy Open Features to Your Packaging with Precision

Laser scoring is a simple way to add convenience features such as easy open tear strips, pour spouts, and peel/reseal openings to re-sealable pouches, zipper bags, microwavable packages, and more. Using LaserSharp® equipment, you can achieve these features while maintaining the hermetic properties of your package and protecting the contents inside. Laser scoring is ideal for pouches, bags, lidding film and more.

LaserSharp® laser scoring equipment offers a variety of processing capabilities including straight line cross web scoring, straight line down web scoring, contoured down web scoring, and cross web shapes and patterns. Our laser scoring systems produce straight-line, down web scores at production speeds upwards of 600 m/min (2000 FPM) with extreme accuracy.

The laser system’s patented controller constantly monitors and adjusts the laser’s power to ensure a consistent score depth even at low web speeds (such as those during initial start-up) and throughout the ramp up to operating speed. By adding multiple laser modules, systems can be customized to increase productivity. Create and finish easy open pouches with tear strips, vents or perforations, and product identification in one simple step. Contact us to learn more about equipment solutions.

Advantages of LaserSharp® Laser Scoring Modules:

  • Non-contact, fast, clean, high quality processing method
  • Precise digital control for processing thin materials at high speeds
  • Standard modules easily integrate into existing or new roll handling systems
  • Multiple modules can be added to maximize productivity with multiple processing lanes
  • Low maintenance equipment with no consumables or tool wear
  • Highly flexible, digital process enables any pattern or shape
  • Offline Preflight™ software available for preproduction job set up
  • Cost-effective for flexible packaging converting
  • Flexibility in material selection: Process polyester, polypropylene (PP), PET, OPP, and nylon films easily
  • Each LaserSharp® Module is controlled independently, ensuing:
    • Better process control
    • The ability to run different processes simultaneously
    • Ability to run intermittent patterns by registration or distance
  • Patented Foresight® controls
    • Patented embedded controller for synchronized laser and motion system control of multiple converting processes.
    • Process-on-the-Fly enables controlled-depth processing independent of material speed
    • TracSoft™ registration controls dynamically compensate the laser pattern in response to lateral movement of the web or print

Available LaserSharp® Modules for Laser Scoring:

  • LDM: Our Laser Downweb Modules produce straight line down web scores at production speeds upwards of 600 m/min (2000 FPM). Processing controls monitor web speed and continuously adjust power output for the highest quality, consistent score depth.
  • LPM Series: The Laser Processing Module combines machine direction processing with cross web patterns to increase your processing options. Available LPM modules include:
    • LPM: The base laser processing module uses a steered beam over a large field of view to create large cross web patterns and unlimited down web scoring.
    • LPMdm: The dual mode LPM’s tuned motors offer cross web processing at smaller fields of view supplemented with superior drilling and perforating capabilities at higher speeds for greater throughput.
    • LPMflex: The flexible FOV LPM allows you to process at two or more fields of view to increase manufacturing flexibility. Integrated automatic focus ensures the laser beam is precisely focused on the material’s surface. Processing areas from 140 × 140mm (5.5 x 5.5 in.) to 500 × 500mm (20 x 20 in.) are available. The LPMflex is ideal for R&D process development.

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