Flexible Packaging Services Provided

Ensure the quality of your high performance flexible packaging with these additional services.

Microscopic Analysis


Extensive in-house quality testing and monitoring of the laser converting process is performed with microscopic technology. Cross sectional and top view images of the material allow the LaserSharp FlexPak Services quality assurance staff to analyze laser processed features to identify and correct possible defects. Captured images are stored in our database and upon request can be sent to quality teams or customers for review and quality assurance.

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Tensile Strength Testing


Tensile strength testing from LaserSharp FlexPak Services will allow you to deliver consistent tensile quality results to your customers. The digital flexibility of our converting process allows us to precisely adjust the output power of our laser systems to consistently deliver the target tensile range for your product. If you do not currently have a tensile range, we can use tensile testing as a means to certify the product throughout the production run.

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Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR) Testing


The atmospheric conditions inside a package play a major role in preserving the shelf life and freshness of perishable goods. LaserSharp FlexPak Services will help you evaluate the size, number, and location of perforations in a flexible film in order to reach your specific oxygen transmission rate requirements. Our rigorous OTR testing process ensures that laser perforated materials deliver an efficient breathable solution based on the needs of your specific product.

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