Tensile Strength Testing

Ensure Film Quality with Tensile Strength Testing

In alignment with our commitment to quality, tensile strength testing is a standard procedure at LaserSharp FlexPak Services. Tensile strength testing allows for the certification of our laser processes, ensuring that all of your converting specifications are met. When adding laser scoring to a package to create an easy open application, security feature, or brand identification, it is essential for the laser score to possess the necessary tensile quality.

The tensile strength of a film is the maximum amount of stress the material can endure while being stretched or pulled. When the cross section of a film begins to stretch, and ultimately break, the maximum tension that the material withstood before tearing is recorded as its tensile strength.

LaserSharp FlexPak Services uses the most advanced tensile testing system on the market. This equipment delivers precise results in line with the industry standards, using up to 100 pounds of force. It is an easily configurable system that allows tensile strength testing to be adapted to a wide range of speeds. This machine not only allows LaserSharp FlexPak Services the ability to provide top quality service to our customers, but top quality products as well.

Tensile strength results are dependent on several variables. These variables include the preparation of the sample, volume, and weight associated with the product, tension at the fill line, end user target, surface defects present on the sample, and the temperature of both the environment and material. Ensuring proper preparation of the sample will allow producing the most accurate results.

Conducting tensile strength testing at LaserSharp FlexPak Services allows consistent and appropriate tensile quality results to be delivered to the customer. Thanks to the digital flexibility of our laser converting process, if you have identified a specific tensile range for your product, we are able to precisely adjust the output power of our laser systems to consistently deliver within that targeted range. If you do not currently have a desired range, we can conduct tensile testing as a means to certify the product, throughout the production run.

To further meet the needs of our customers, LaserSharp FlexPak Services does more than determine and maintain the appropriate tensile range. We also take into account the importance of packaging strengths to fit the needs of the end user. For example, depending on the packaging film and the purpose of the package, it may be important to ensure an elderly person can easily open a medical pouch, yet prohibit children from easily tearing the package and accessing its contents. LaserSharp FlexPak Services and its tensile strength testing services can help ensure these specific requirements are met.

Aside from tensile strength testing, LaserSharp FlexPak Services also offers a wide range of quality tests to ensure top quality laser processed films. These tests include microscopic analysis for immediate visual examination of the laser processed features, and oxygen transmission rate testing to monitor the performance of the flexible material or pouch. Click here to learn more about our various testing services, and how to determine compression strength, the load at break, and the maximum load of your flexible films.

Tensile Strength Testing

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