Why Laser Processing?

Advantages of Laser Technology over Mechanical Methods

LaserSharp FlexPak Services offers advanced laser processing technology to fulfill your toll converting requirements for flexible packaging applications. What makes laser processing unique is the advanced controls software of our LaserSharp® systems. This innovative and controlled technology ensures consistent score depths and hole sizes regardless of web speed, allowing for superior features such as registered or intermittent laser scoring and perforating.

The flexibility of digital laser processing yields rapid turnaround times, high quality results, and affordable pricing. Toll laser converting solutions from LaserSharp FlexPak Services provide a high quality alternative to conventional processing methods and deliver more accurate breathable and easy open flexible packaging features. Unlike mechanical methods which often create uneven and inconsistent tears in the film, laser processing technology produces precise and accurate patterns every time.

LaserSharp® Processing Capabilities Outperform Conventional Methods by Offering:

  • Multiple processes:
    • Laser micro-perforating, scoring, and etching in a single production run
    • Machine direction (down web) and transverse direction (cross web) processing, or both directions simultaneously
    • Straight line, contour line, and patterned processing abilities
    • Multiple line processing
  • Flexible digital control with precise print registration
  • Non-contact, clean processing method
  • Precise shape, size, and location of laser processed features within the web
  • Simple and rapid pattern changeover
  • Smaller feature sizes that cannot be achieved with mechanical methods
  • Precision score depth control to maintain a film’s barrier layer 
  • Consistent perforated hole sizes with round shapes clean of residue
  • Adjustable hole size to meet product specifications
  • Sealed hole edges to reduce unwanted propagation while strengthening
    surrounding material
  • Adjustable perforating pattern layouts to maintain desired OTR requirements

These multiple capabilities demonstrate why lasers are the superior option for flexible packaging applications. Not only do laser processing methods produce uniform and consistent patterns free of processing fragments, but LaserSharp FlexPak Services guarantees accurate, controlled, and precise converting services for all your laser processing needs. Benefit from a variety of laser processing services and see why lasers are the superior choice in developing top quality and secured flexible packaging applications.



Mechanical and hot needle perforating methods create tears and inconsistent hole shapes in flexible film, while laser microperforating produces uniform, round holes free of processing fragments.

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