Testing & Analysis

At FlexPak, quality is the most vital component of our production process. We are proud to deliver the highest quality product to our customers by performing extensive in-house testing and analysis as well as careful monitoring of each laser process and production run to ensure we are exceeding our customers' expectations.

Our food-grade facility is both ISO 9001:2015 and AIB certified. We're also in the process of becoming SQF certified. These certificates allow us to properly execute laser processing of packaging materials and products that will come in contact with food.

Microscopic Analysis

Microscopic technology immediately reveals the state of each laser feature to identify and address even the slightest defects. Using a microscope beats the untrained eye with up to a 500x displayed magnified image which quickly allows for measurement, dimension and visual checks to be performed. We consistently conduct these checks to ensure we produce the highest quality laser processed products.

FlexPak Microscopic Analysis
FlexPak Tensile Strength

Tensile Strength

The tensile strength of a film is the maximum amount of stress the material can endure while being stretched or pulled. Our advanced testing equipment delivers precise and consistent results, is easily configurable, and can be adapted to a wide range of speeds. Conducting this test allows for the certification of our laser processes, ensuring that all required specs are met.

Oxygen Transmission Rate

OTR is a calculated measurement of the amount of oxygen that passes through a substrate at a steady rate over a given amount of time. The goal is to achieve a balance between declining oxygen levels and increasing carbon dioxide levels as well as eliminating moisture. OTR testing ensures perishable oxygen sensitive products maintain their freshness and extend the shelf life.

FlexPak Oxygen Transmission Rate
FlexPak Headspace Analysis

Headspace Analysis

Headspace is the space above the packaged product; over time volatiles or gases coming from the food product diffuse into the gas phase, forming the headspace gas within the package. The analysis of the components present in that gas, or headspace analysis, is vital in predicting shelf life of the perishable food.

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