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  • Easy Open Flexible Packaging
  • Breathable Flexible Packaging
  • Microwavable Flexible Packaging
  • Peel and Reclose
  • Laser Services

The Laser Converting Experts for Flexible Packaging

LaserSharp FlexPak Services, LLC offers laser perforating and scoring services for a variety of flexible packaging applications.

Easy Open Flexible Packaging

Easy Open Packaging

Our LaserSharp® process delivers controlled depths, and straight and contour score lines for easy open flexible packaging features, resulting in a clean tear every time.

Breathable Flexible Packaging

Breathable Packaging

Laser microperforating of flexible packaging films precisely regulates the atmosphere inside a package while extending its shelf life for increased consumer satisfaction.

Microwavable Flexible Packaging

Microwavable Packaging

LaserSharp® FlexPak Services will help you develop and create value-added microwave steam release and self-venting flexible packaging features, providing convenience to the consumer.

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Why Lasers?

Laser processing is a cost-effective, clean, and accurate packaging production solution. Lasers offer flexibility and precision that conventional methods cannot match.

Flexible Packaging Services

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LaserSharp FlexPak Services, LLC specializes in contract laser converting services for the flexible packaging industry. Located in Vadnais Heights, MN, LaserSharp FlexPak Services is a premier toll laser converter, dedicated to developing innovative laser solutions for the design, testing, and production runs of breathable and easy open flexible packaging.

Our goal is to provide our customers with complete technical support, from prototype development to full-scale production, resulting in an accelerated time to market and reduced development costs.

We are a recognized leader in the flexible packaging industry due to the capabilities of advanced laser processing technology. This advanced technology provides us the ability to offer controlled and accurate laser scoring and laser perforating methods, through the use of innovative LaserSharp® technology.

Unlike mechanical processing methods, LaserSharp® technology ensures consistent score depths and hole sizes regardless of web speed. LaserSharp® equipment permits a non-contact, clean, and precise method for processing packaging materials, while maintaining a film’s barrier property.

We develop breathable and easy open packaging features to increase the quality and revenue of your product.  These unique features provide the opportunity for improved consumer satisfaction by increasing a product’s safety and shelf life, and inevitably growing your brand identification.

LaserSharp FlexPak Services uses innovative and cost-efficient laser processing techniques to achieve superior results for flexible packaging applications. Our qualified staff, state of the art food grade facility, and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, ensure we exceed your packaging expectations, and allow guaranteed delivery times of your laser processed flexible packaging film.

News & Events

Visit us next at United Fresh 2014!

Join FlexPak in booth #854 at United Fresh 2014, June 10-13 in Chicago. We’ll feature our latest laser processing techniques for easy-open and breathable packages, including our new patent pending PimePeel™ peel and reseal technology.

Visit the News & Events page to learn more.

Now Available: Peel & Reseal

LaserSharp FlexPak Services offers a laser scoring solution to create a peel and reclose process for the food, medical, pharmaceutical, industrial industries, and more. This process enables packages to be easily opened and resealed, while maintaining the integrity and sustainability of its contents. Click here for more information on our patent pending PrimePeel™ Technology!

Prime Peel

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